Wooden spoon 16cm

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Carla’s Treasure Natural Wooden Spoons

These natural wooden spoons are ideal for all sort of activities with children, such as: cooking, sorting, transferring, scooping, pretend-play, open-ended play, treasure baskets sensory play, etc.

Material: 100% natural unfinished wood 

Approx. Dimensions:
Medium Rounded Spoon 16cm

How to clean: Wooden utensils should be hand washed with a mild dish detergent and then hand-dried. Do not use a dishwasher.

Tips: To extend their durability we would recommend oiling them. Mineral oil is highly preferable because it doesn’t turn rancid and it’s not a common allergen, but also coconut oil can be used.
Directions: Clean wooden object and dry. Follow by rubbing some oil onto a clean cloth and apply to wood into a circular motion. Then let it dry. You only need to rub in a small amount of oil. 
Oiling extends their practical lives.

Happy open-ended play!