Sensory Ribbon Ring / Spring - Summer themed Hand Kite

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These lovely Waldorf spring/summer themed hand kites make beautiful birthday gifts and add colour to any wall when hung up. These have been inspired by Pantone Spring-Summer 2020 Color Trends. 

They can also be used in goodie bags (party favours) at parties - they are fun and unique encouraging exercise and the imagination and children adore them.

These colourful ribbon kites are great for inside and outside play and learning.

The Waldorf inspired handmade Kites are perfect for small hands!

These kites are great for movement activities: children will twirl, shake, spin and wave these rainbow ribbon rings to make and learn about spectacular patterns. The flowing ribbons help children to understand cause and effect, also helping with development of gross motor skills.

- sensory delight for young children (help the baby’s abilities of eye-hand coordination, concentration, grasping and exploring)
- great dancing prop for older children (fun and learning)
- fantastic for indoor and outdoor play

The small hand kite consists of 7 coloured ribbons attached to a wooden round handle (100% natural organic wooden ring).

The large hand kite with bells consists of 9 coloured ribbons attached to a wooden round handle (100% natural organic wooden ring).

It can come simple or with two small bells attached to two of the ribbons. 

Ribbon edges have been heat protected to stop fraying.

Large Hand-Kite Length: Approximately 35-40 cm
Handle/Ring diameter: Approximately 7cm

Small Hand-Kite Length: Approximately 18-22 cm
Handle/Ring diameter: Approximately 5-5.5cm

To clean simply hand wash with soap and water and let it air dry. Do not soak wooden rings in water.

Because of these items being handmade and made from natural wood there may be some small defects.

Children must be supervised when using this item. This item is not suitable for children 3 years old. This item is not meant for children to use as teethers or chew toys as it can be a choking hazard due to small parts (bells) or ribbons. Check that all ribbons are secure before use.

However if used with babies, parents can play with the baby holding the wooden ring or you can simply attach it at the baby gym, pram or wherever you feel like!
Please be aware this is not designed for babies to put in mouth or chew.
You should supervise your child at all times when playing with it and never leave the baby unsupervised with the toy!
Discard the toy if you can see signs of wear!


For any enquiries lease let me know and I am more than happy to help you.