Leaf shaped wooden tray

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Carla’s Treasure Montessori Leaf-shaped wooden tray

This wonderful tray is ideal for all sorts of things: from educational activities (presenting materials, sorting, scooping etc) to home use, decoration, storage, etc.

The beautiful wooden scoops are great for scooping, transferring, sorting, sensory play, heuristic play, open-ended play, Montessori activities, Waldorf and Reggio play sets, but also can be used as salt / sugar spoons

The set is ideal for play and learning activities, such as: sorting, transferring or any activity that enhance hand-eye coordination.

Material: 100% natural solid hardwood

This set is sustainable and offers the possibility of many hours of open-ended play over many years.

This set is designed to be specifically used by childcare practitioners within educational settings to support children’s learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). It can also be used at home for educational purposes and under adult supervision.

Safety Information: Babies must be supervised at all times when playing with these items.
The caregiver assumes full responsibility for ensuring that the product is used in a safe manner.

How to clean: Wooden utensils should be hand washed with a mild dish detergent and then hand-dried. Do not use a dishwasher.
Tips: To extend their durability we would recommend oiling them. Mineral oil is highly preferable because it doesn’t turn rancid and it’s not a common allergen, but also coconut oil can be used.
Directions: Clean wooden object and dry. Follow by rubbing some oil onto a clean cloth and apply to wood into a circular motion. Then let it dry. You only need to rub in a small amount of oil. 
Oiling extends their practical lives.