Fluffy Pom-Pom

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Large Fluffly Pom-Poms 

Lovely pom-poms ~> great to be explored, examined, handled and played with. 

Colours: white, off white and brown 

Each ball has approx. 8cm diameter.

Age: 3+.

Safety Information: Children must be supervised at all times when playing with these items. Adults must regulary check the products for damage and assess which items are suitable for their child depending on their age and ability.

Warning: Please always assess the risks of using these items. Items should be thrown away if broken or considered dangerous.
It is the responsibility of the parent/caregiver to make a collection of suitable objects and to make sure the objects are cleaned regularly and replaced when necessary.


This lovely collection comes in an organic cotton drawstring bag, which is great for gifts, storage or games (for instance: mystery bag game). They can also be used in a treasure basket.

How the Treasure Basket promotes learning?
 Enriches a baby’s experience (by handling and exploring the sensory rich objects)
 Stimulates a baby’s curiosity and interest
 Offers a baby the experience of making choices
 Promotes concentration skills
 Facilitates conceptual learning (babies and toddlers learn a range of concepts to do with the physical
qualities of objects, such as coldness, smoothness, heaviness and prickliness)
 Facilitates social interaction if two or three babies/children share the same basket
 Provides the foundations of language development

Hughes, A.M. (2006) Developing Play for Under 3’s, London: David Fulton Publishers

Instructions for use: The adults role in the use of the treasure basket is to sit near by and be attentive, responsive and unobtrusive.
The treasure basket should not be left out 24/7 for your baby to play with. Ideally it is good to offer a session lasting between 15 minutes and an hour with the minimum of disruption on a daily basis. It is important to make sure that the babies/children are physically comfortable, when they are alert and refreshed, calm and content.

I am happy to add a gift message and gift wrap and I can send it directly to the recipient. Please write me a message if you require so or for any further assistance.

Happy open-ended play!