Wool balls 5cmD / Set of 3

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Carla’s Treasure Sensory Balls / Felted Pom-Poms 

Lovely collections of 3 felt balls (each set) -> various colours ~> great to be explored, examined, handled and played with.  

These felted balls are handcrafted in rural Aberdeenshire using 100% pure wool. 

These beautiful balls are great for sensory and open-ended play. 


Dimensions: Each ball has approx. 5cm diameter.

*Please note that dimensions may vary slightly from those shown above depending on the felting process. 


Material: 100% pure wool


Made in the UK 


*Not CE tested.

*Adult supervision recommended. 



Safety Information: Children/Babies must be supervised at all times when playing with these items. Adults must regulary check the contents of the basket for damage and assess which items are suitable for their child depending on their age and ability.
Warning: Please always assess the risks of using these items. Items should be thrown away if broken or considered dangerous.
It is the responsibility of the parent/caregiver to make a collection of suitable objects and to make sure the objects are cleaned regularly and replaced when necessary.


Happy open-ended play!