Organic cotton drawstring bag

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Carla’s Treasure Bag

Carla’s Treasure drawstring bag is made from organic cotton and is ready to make the perfect gift for any adult or child.

It is great for storage (rice, pasta, etc), but also for sensory play games. 

Montessori believed that children learn through their senses.

The use of a sensory treasure bag enriches a baby’s experience by offering a young baby (5-10 months old) the first taste of freedom, independence and courage by handling and exploring the sensory rich objects.
Babies (10-20 months old) want to find out what they can do with the objects (placing, filling, emptying, piling,
pairing). The objects can also be used as an excellent stimulant for language (20 months-3 years old children).
At the same time extend children’s (3 years and upwards) vocabulary by not only naming the objects themselves, but also their characteristics, categories, functions.

The Mystery Bag is one of the many activities designed to help refine a child’s senses, which ultimately, is how they come to develop an understanding of the world.
This is how mystery bag game (3.5-4 years old) works: The child (familiar with the objects in the bag) reaches into the bag and searches for an object. The purpose is to select an object inside the bag, feel the object, and name the object. The child will then bring out the object and place it on the table, ascertaining whether or not they’ve correctly identified the object.

It is ideal for activities and games, for storage and travelling.

Carla’s Treasure Bag comes in more sizes:

Extra Large
Size: 30 cm width x 40 cm height
Material: 150 gsm natural cotton

Size: 25 cm width x 35 cm height
Material: 150 gsm natural cotton

Size: 15 cm width x 25 cm height
Material: 150 gsm natural cotton



*Safety Information: Babies must be supervised at all times when playing with these items. Adults must regularly check the items for damage and make sure they are cleaned and replaced when necessary.