Playmags Magnetic Tile Building Set: Educational Clickins – 36pieces

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Playmags Magnetic Tile Building Set: Educational Clickins – 36-Pc. Kit: 18 Super Strong Clear Color Magnet Tiles Windows & 18 Letters & Numbers – Stimulate Creativity & Brain Development

An educational take on children’s classic building blocks!

Early childhood experts have always recommended building toys to stimulate little ones’ social, spatial, and other developmental skills. With the Playmags Magnetic Tile Set, boys and girls enjoy all those benefits with an extra dose of creative inspiration! This large 36-piece playset arrives with 18 window tiles to get your kids started on their engineering journeys. Unlike messy bricks or wood logs, our colourful square tiles feature super strong magnets on all sides so their towering structures always stay in tact. For a unique educational spin, each kit arrives with 18 'clickin' tiles displaying a variety of numbers and letters. Junior architects simply pop in their choice of clickins for entertaining spelling and counting practice. Whether working with a group or just one curious kid, Playmags help you transform play time into a totally instructive experience!

How to Enjoy

► Introduce your toddler to the wonder of magnets.

► Watch their creativity enhance through building and sculpture.

► Let them spell and count with the cute little Clickins.

► Use these entertaining tiles as vehicles for learning.

► Stick with these toys for surefire schooling success.

What You Get with Specs & Details

► 1 x 36-Piece Playmags Building Set

► 18 x Clear Colour Magnet Window Tiles

► 18 x Colourful ABC & Number Clickins

► Educational instruction that’s endlessly entertaining

► The National Parenting Center’s seal of approval!

► Weighs in at 2.5 pounds

► Tile dimensions: 3” x 3”

► Recommended for ages 3 and up

► Safe & non toxic

► Compatible with other magnetic playboard and plate sets

► Winner of Dr. Toys 2013 award