Signs of Autumn Flashcards

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Signs of Autumn Flashcards

Learn about which trees nuts, fruits and seeds fall from, where to find fairy-tale toadstools and when to pick sloe-berries from the blackthorn bush with the help of our wonderfully detailed caption.

Our cards are printed on thick 380gsm silk card A6 size(10.5cm x 14.5cm) complete with round cornering.

You will receive 20 cards- 2 packs of 10 - ideal for supporting your toddler/preschool child with games like pairs, snap and bingo. Learning to name objects, animals and things all around us is an important part of children's development. Playing these games is a perfect way to do this.

For more learning through play inspiration please visit Instagram account @mylittlebeanandme

Included in this collection:

beech nuts
sycamore seeds
pine cones
autumn leaves