Hand made Felted Wool Bowls/ Set of 6 Handcrafted Baskets

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Wool Engineering felted bowls are handcrafted by a skilled artisan in rural Aberdeenshire using 100% pure wool, that is crocheted and then felted.

Perfect for entryway, desk, bureau or night stand, these classy little bowls are luxurious and durable, soft and sturdy. Perfect for all those cluttery items that need to be kept organized but handy, such as keys, cell phones, loose change,  jewelry, hair ties, pencils and more. Won't scratch delicate surfaces, but will look fantastic. 

These beautiful bowls are also ideal for learning through play activities. 

*the bowls can be matched with felt pom-poms and scissors tongs which can be purchased separately from our website.  


Small bowl - 8cm wide x 6cm high 

*Please note that dimensions may vary slightly from those shown above depending on the felting/crochet process. 


Material: 100% pure wool


*Not CE tested.

*Adult supervision recommended. 



Care instructions: Before the first use the bowls should be hand washed or wiped clean only. 

To keep it clean we recommend to wipe off any dirt or marks with a cloth dampened with cold water.