Rainbow Stacking Nesting Crochet Baskets, 6 pieces

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Carla’s Treasure Rainbow Nesting / Stacking Handmade Crochet Baskets

This set of 6 rainbow stacking baskets made in crochet is perfect for a baby, toddler or young children to play with (stacking and nesting), but not just that.

These crochet baskets can stack on top of each other. They also nest / fit inside each other for easy storage.

This set will also help young children to learn shapes and colours (e.g. sorting colours and matching activity) but also to develop their imagination and creativity and use these for other educational activities.
This set is therefore perfectly adapted for babies, toddlers and young children.

Children will have hours or fun with this set of six colourful stacking/ nesting baskets.

When they aren't being used as a learning toy, or when the children outgrow them, they also work great for toy storage and organization.

But these bright, fun baskets aren't just for children. They can be used anywhere in a home or office for decoration or storage. They can be used to hold jewellery, small toiletries, toys and more. Teenage girls will also love these baskets to add a pop of colour to their room.

The set of 6 rainbow nesting crochet baskets can be purchased together with a set of 6 rainbow crochet balls.

The ball set is not only a fun soft play set, but it will also encourage babies to develop their fine motor skills. For instance babies can grab a ball, then they can pass it from a hand to another hand and of course at last to carry it to their mouth. They can also match each ball with the same colour basket.

100% hand crocheted

Both sets of 6 rainbow stacking / nesting baskets and 6 rainbow balls are made of high quality 100% cotton yarn and filled with SuperBall® hypoallergenic toy polyester fibres.
These items are crocheted out of a double yarn so the sides are flexible, yet rigid enough to stack well and truly hold things and be functional as storage baskets -> the are sturdy and durable.

Approx. dimensions:
•Purple basket (the smallest) - 6cm Diameter * 3.3cm Height
•Blue basket - 7cm * 3.3cm
•Green basket - 8cm * 3.3cm
•Yellow basket- 9cm * 3.3cm
•Orange basket - 10cm * 3.3cm
•Red basket - 11cm * 3.3cm


each ball has approx. 5cm diameter.

Care instructions: Handwash or machine wash at 30°C and air dry.

All items included have passed the small parts test and are therefore suitable for use from 6months+.

Safety recommendations: Children to be supervised at all times.

*Please note: Sizes may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of this item. As with all handmade items there might be small imperfections which makes the product more beautiful without affecting its use.