Montessori Grasping Beads, Handmade Rattle, Baby Shower Gift

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Montessori Grasping Beads

This simple and beautiful item provides endless fascination and encourages development of the grasping and coordination.

The Grasping Beads are given to the (around) 3 month old babies for the purpose of grasping and transferring from hand to hand.

The Montessori inspired Grasping Beads are to be used as a rattle for infants to help develop grasp. It is made out of 5 wooden beads (18mm each) and 2 small rings and secured with gross-grain ribbon, knotted at the ends, for a total of about approx. 9.5cm long and approx. 25cm with ribbon.

This Gripping Rattle will appeal to the curious little hands as they can examine it, handle, bend, shake, banging, make noise, chew, etc.

This rattle stimulates and helps with the development of the hand-eye coordination, coordination between the two hands and also coordination of thumb/fingers.

Baby's hand-eye coordination is starting to develop around 3 months. Babies notice toys they would like to hold, and they attempt to pick them up. They may be able to hold the rattle for a few seconds.
At four months or five months babies can pick up objects and they learn to let go of them.
At six months babies start to hone their hand-eye coordination. They rake an object toward themselves, and start passing objects from one hand to the other. They also like to shake things that make a noise, so this rattle will be a great toy for them.

Safety Information: Babies must be supervised at all times when playing with this item.
This product does contain small parts and the parent/caregiver assumes full responsibility for ensuring that the product is used in a safe manner.
Adults must regularly check the product for damage and replace it when necessary. Also make sure the objects are cleaned regularly.

How to clean: Wooden beads should be hand washed with a mild dish detergent and then hand-dried. Do not use a dishwasher.

Tips: To extend their durability we would recommend oiling them. Mineral oil is highly preferable because it doesn’t turn rancid and it’s not a common allergen, but also coconut oil can be used.
Directions: Clean wooden object and dry. Follow by rubbing some oil onto a clean cloth and apply to wood into a circular motion. Then let it dry. You only need to rub in a small amount of oil. 

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