Carla’s Treasure Starter Basket - 12 sensory-rich objects

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Starter Treasure Basket / Treasure Bag

A beautiful set of child friendly sized utensils, comprising 2 mini wooden spoons, 1 mini wooden spatula, 1 mini wooden rolling pin, , 2 wooden eggs and 2 egg cups, 2 napkin rings, 1 fur Pom Pom and 1 braided basket or bag (depending on what you choose at checkout). 

It makes a perfect gift for children and it is great for parents and childcare practitioners who are looking for a starter treasure basket.

It is also great for travelling with children. This small and lightweight basket will keep them entertained and will provide them with open-ended play opportunities. While the youngest will love exploring and discovering each object and their particularities, the older children will love to use their imagination to find a functional use for the objects.

Treasure baskets are very popular among Montessori homes or nurseries and are being used for educational purposes. It supports children's learning within the "Early Years Foundation Stage" (EYSF).

By using a treasure basket with children you are providing them with rich mental stimulation, which activates the growth of the brain and also provides richly satisfying experiences for the baby.

The Treasure Basket's Benefits - How the Treasure Basket promotes learning?

* Enriches a baby’s experience - offers a young baby the first taste of freedom, independence and courage by handling and exploring the sensory rich objects

* Stimulates a baby’s curiosity and interest - provide the child with the opportunity to explore and discover new things on their own.

* Offers a baby the experience of making choices

* Promotes concentration skills * Facilitates conceptual learning (babies and toddlers learn a range of concepts to do with the physical qualities of objects, such as coldness, smoothness, heaviness and prickliness)

* Facilitates social interaction if two or three babies/children share the same basket * Provides the foundations of language development and supports creative play.

Materials: The wood these utensils are made has been sourced from sustained beech forests in Eastern Europe. 


Recommended age: 1 - 5 years


Care instructions: You can gently clean the objects in warm soapy water.

Wooden utensils/objects should be hand washed with a mild dish detergent and then hand-dried. Do not use a dishwasher.

Tips for wooden utensils: To extend their durability we would recommend oiling them. Mineral oil is highly preferable because it doesn’t turn rancid and it’s not a common allergen, but also coconut oil can be used.
Directions: Clean wooden object and dry. Follow by rubbing some oil onto a clean cloth and apply to wood into a circular motion. Then let it dry. You only need to rub in a small amount of oil. 
Oiling extends their practical lives.

Happy exploring!