Pursuit of Adventure

Pursuit of Adventure products are renewable and recyclable. They also look great. Fed up of big, bulky plastic playhouses which fade in the sun and can’t be brought inside? A little miffed that they end up in the dump after a year when their non-adaptable frames have been fully explored and your little ones are on to the next big thing? Worry no more.

Pursuit of Adventure is fun for your kids, convenient to store and good for the environment.

They ethically source our birch ply from approved FSC sources. The FSC sustainably manages the world’s forests and helps other businesses to do the same. Each of these products is carefully hand-crafted and, many years down the line, can be recycled.

“We feel that everybody should take care of our planet, and we believe it’s important to teach our children the same value. This is at the basis of all that we do.”

*Please note: Pursuit of Adventure is a Carla's Treasure brand partner. Orders for their products are placed with Carla’s Treasure and paid for via the Carla’s Treasure website but will be sent to you directly by Pursuit of Adventure.